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Start low with tame HATCH and go RIDICULOUSLY HOT with the REAPER!

~~~~~~~ HATCH, CHIPOTLE, JALAPENO, CAYENNE, HABANERO AND REAPER ~~~~~~~ All my blends have the same base of spices: Salt Garlic, Cumin, Oregano, Turmeric and Thyme… the pepper changes everything.

Chipotle Label


The chipotle has a nice Smokey hot finish. If you like CHIPOTLE you will like these starter ideas. Open a can of unsalted peanuts, throw in a teaspoon of spice and shake it up. Goldfish need that little extra boost and mix a teaspoon in a pint of Greek yogurt to have a dip for chips or veggies at the ready. Oh did I say healthy dip??
Chipotle Food Pictures
Jalapeno Label


The Jalapeno is a fresh HOT perfect on a half an avocado….Broccoli, green beans, salad with just a little bit of olive oil or make ranch exciting again.
Jalapeno Food Pictures
Cayenne Label


Ahhhhhhh the Cayenne. It's hot! On your eggs in the morning is just basic, but how about half of an apple at 3 pm instead of a cup of coffee. Grab an apple, Cayenne, Turmeric and Garlic, spices that reduce inflammation. Get that pick me up like from a cup of coffee but with out the coffee.
Cayenne Food Pictures
Habanero Label


This sweet HOT flavor is great everywhere you like a zing. What a way to wake up in the morning with a dash of this on your toast.

To be completely honest, I think the best place for the Habanero is right in the salt spot on your hand for a Tequila shot! It will take it to an entire new level. One and done and chase it with beer the rest of the night.
Habanero Food Pictures

Keep all 6 on your table and you will decide meal by meal whether
you want your food TAME, SMOKEY, FRESH, HOT, FIERY or 300X

Go Texan.